Rescue Diver

Curs Rescue Diver

This fun and rewarding course will show you how to solve problems. We'll show you how to anticipate and help others. This course is quite demanding but will increase your confidence and enhance your experience of the underwater world.The course focuses on an unique way to do things. However, accidents may occur in many forms and how to face them will depend on various factors, such as the state of the sea, your distance from the coast, the means at your disposal at that particualr moment or, even, the body mass of the person being rescued. This is why the practical sessions will be conducted with certain flexibility. In other words, this is about finding the best solution to each situation and having various resources and knowledge at hand. Throughout the training activity, you are encouraged not only to learn how to respond to an emergency but also to draw upon your strength and knowledge, all the while being fully aware of your own limitations. The course will be completed over four days.

The course includes
Diving certification, 5 practical sessions in the water, Full diving equipment, Computer dive, study material, 4 theoretical sessions.

Padi o SSi Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent by another recognised organisation, First Aid EFR Course (possibility to complete this course with Diversub), a minimum of 20 dives before completion of the course, Diving insurance (possibility to take it out when enrolling), medical statement signed by the participant.