Centre d'immsersió i submarinisme

You will find us in Cala Gogo, (Ses Torretes) in Sant Antoni de Calonge, on the seafront, in an unbeatable environment, within the facilities of Camping Gogo. Discover the underwater world or follow your training, in some of the courses we offer, in a fun and safe way in a seafront facility, where you can listen to the previous explanations in a quiet environment and spectacular views.

Why Diversub? Things you need to know

  • Personalized activities

    We offer you a direct treatment in all our activities.

  • Reduced groups

    Discovery scuba dives of up to two people and courses of up to 4 people.

  • Face-to-face theory

    Despite having your self-learning material, we will do a personalized theory.

  • Real dives

    40 minutes dive in discovery scuba dives and courses.

  • Premium material

    Revised and cleaned before each dive, BCD with lead integrated for more comfort.

  • Using computers in courses

    During the courses you will have a computer to calculate the times and depths of each dive.


How to do a cancelation?

Activities require pre-payment to confirm the reservation, they will be subject to the following rules in case of cancellation:

  • - Return of 50% of gift vouchers per return. Possibility of free name change.
  • - Gift vouchers do not expire, but money is not refunded after the season.
  • - 100% change of day or return for bad weather.
  • - Loss of 100% of the reservation, by cancellation less than 12 hours in advance.
  • - Loss of 50% of the reservation, by cancellation 12 hours in advance.

What happens if I am not certified as medically fit to dive?

We will refund your money. The course comprises of different parts with their own cost. You will therefore be asked to pay only for the part(s) you will have completed. It is however recommended to obtain medical clearance before starting the theoretical sessions.

What happens if I am ill during the course?

You will be able to resume the course later in the season, or even during another season. Free of charge.

What happens if I don't pass the theoretical exam?

You will have to repeat it. You can take additional theoretical classes or review any doubts you may have together with the instructor, free of charge.

What happens if I don't fulfil the objectives of the practical sessions in the water?

You can repeat the water sessions, free of charge.

What happens if I am late for a class?

You are to inform the centre a few minutes before the class starts. In case other students are involved, the class has to start on time. Therefore, you may have to come back another day, free of charge.

What happens if I fail to inform you beforehand of my not coming to class?

You will have to come another day. In this case however, a fee may be charged, unless another class is already scheduled.