Discovery Scuba Diving

Bateig del mar

The goal of this experience is to introduce scuba diving to people who don’t know it. Discovery scuba diving helps overcome the confusions that exist about diving, without having to commit to an initial level training. It provides participants with the opportunity to truly dive and presents the dive in a pleasant, safe and fun way. Before entering the water, the basic techniques of this sport are explained: the technique of breathing, how to compensate for the pressure, such as emptying the water of the glasses, how to recover the regulator, how it should react to a problem of shortness of breath and what the displacement should be like during the dive; it also consists of a general explanation of the operation of the equipment. The activity is done with small groups: two people for each instructor. It lasts 2 hours and the dive is 40 minutes, you have at your disposal changing rooms, showers with hot water, new equipment, and safe. Ask for our videos and photos. Learn to dive with fun and safely.

The course includes
Dive with certified instructor, complete diving material, diving insurance.

Know how to swim, parental authorization for minors, medical statement signed by the participant.