Deep Diver

Curs Deep Diver

If you've earned the PADI Advanced or Adventure Diver Certification, you can already dive at depths down to 30 metres, but with the Deep Diver Specialty Course, you'll be able to dive at depths down to 40 metres. At the same time, you'll learn how to scuba dive with more confidence, you'll reduce your air consumption and you'll get to know how to use different models of computers.

What you will learn
Deep diving techniques, computer management, safety stops with emergency air equipment, assessment on nitrogen narcosis, air consumption management, scuba diving with more ease, deep Diver Certification.

The course includes
Certification Deep Dive, three dives, Diving equipment, dive computer, study material, 2 theoretical sessions, dive light.

Open Water Certification from a recognised organisation: PADI, SSI, CEMAS, ACUC..., Diving insurance (possibility to take it out when enrolling), medical statement signed by the participant.