Navigation skills will help you dive better. Indeed, you will get to plan a range of diving routes and to discover new sites. At the same time, you will no longer feel lost underwater and will therefore dive almost stress-free, which in turn will help you reduce your air consumption. At the end of the course, you will be able to dive from la Llosa to the Boreas shipwreck, or from Ullastres II to Ullastres I or III, and to explore tunnels full of gorgonian corals, with possibly many schools of barracudas all around you.

What you learn

Navigation techniques, underwater map making, methods to estimate distance underwater and how and when to use a compass.

The course includes

Diving certification, two dives (discount on the second dive), diving equipment, computer dive, compass, underwater slate, manual and DVD, theory, free parking and free access to premises.


Open Water Certification from a recognised organisation: PADI, SSI, CEMAS, ACUC..., diving insurance (possibility to take it out when enrolling), medical clearance of fitness to dive.