The objective of this experience is to introduce scuba diving to those who know nothing about it. A trial dive helps to overcome any existing fears about diving, without the need to commit to any basic training. It provides the participants with the opportunity to dive for real and introduces diving in a pleasant, safe and enjoyable way. Before entering into the water, you will be taken through the basic techniques of this sport: the breathing technique, how to equalise the air pressure, how to get water out of your mask, how to get the regulator back, how to respond to a lack of air and how to move around properly underwater. You will also be given an overall explanation about the handling of your equipment. The activity is completed in small groups (two people for each instructor) and in 2.5 hours, including a 40-minute dive. When completed in Palamós, the activity includes access to changing rooms, hot showers, new equipment, insurance and free parking in front of the premises.

The course includes

One dive with a personal instructor, full diving equipment, free parking and diving insurance.


Swimming skills, parental consent for under 18s and medical declaration form signed by participant