The Divemaster Course involves a high level of learning and commitment to scuba diving. Indeed, this PADI Certification is the first level of professional training and therefore implies a great responsibility. A Divemaster needs to exercise their best judgement when solving problems as nothing is ever cut-and-dry. They also have to prove flexible in solving certain problems which require taking certain decisions. To accomplish this, they will need a wide range of skills and competences, showing common sense and a right attitude at all times. The course comprises different parts: on the one hand, the theoretical and self-learning component, for which each student will use their own learning material to review and revise. On the other hand, the practical component, during which they will work closely with the instructor. They will also be asked to teach classes with real students, in both theoretical components and practical sessions in the pool or the sea, as well as in various courses of beginner, advanced and specialty level. The completion of the course will depend on the student's availability, with a minimum of 10 days required. It is indeed recommended to take part in as many pratical classes as possible so as to gain experience and cumulate a number of dives.

What you can do

Assist with equipment handling, lead student divers of various courses, develop problem solving abilities, manage problems and carry out diving activities conducted by certified divers.

What you learn

Display of swimming exercises in the pool, 12 theoretical topics, from diving physics to assistance to student divers, management and supervision of students, guided dives and how to refill scuba air tanks and maintain diving equipment.

The course includes

Diving certification, practical sessions, full diving equipment, computer dive, manual and DVD and backpack to carry theory/diving material.


PADI Advanced Certification or equivalent, PADI Rescue Diver Certification or equivalent 40 logged dives, minimum age of 18 years old, diving insurance (possibility to take it out when enrolling), medical clearance of fitness to dive and an identity photograph.